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Zero sells swaged lead and jacketed bullets in popular sizes, at competitive prices.

Zero swaged LEAD bullets are exceedingly uniform. No voids and no surface irregularities. In contrast to swaged bullets from the major suppliers like Speer and Hornady, they are lubed using grooves. They are all flat based. They are fairly soft, and therefore bump-up more readily than hard cast bullets - This makes them ideal for older guns that may have developed chamber and bore irregularities or shallow rifling. They can be run up to about 1000fps and are very accurate. I have used many thousands of them in 38SP over 5.4gr of Power Pistol.

Soft lead bullets tend to be tougher than hard cast, and expand at low velocities without fragmenting. They lead less than hard cast bullets (consider that high velocity 22 bullets are usually pure lead, which is VERY soft).

Zero swaged JACKETED bullets are also exceedingly uniform and regular. They are among the least expensive jacketed bullets. The only jacketed round I use is their 200gr 10mm, which performs spectacularly over 7.4-8.0 Power pistol up to about 1200fps.

ZERO brand bullets are sold by ROZE Distribution. ROZE also distributes Magnus cast bullets, which are unexceptional, and they also sell reloaded ammo. I do not recommend buying any reloaded ammo. If you want to save money, load your own, but don't risk your guns by running questionable ammo.
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