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XDs Ammo

Greetings. Both my XDs (9 mm) and my XD Mod2 (.45) have eaten EVERYTHING I've run through them! Both have had 500-750 rounds of varying quality ammo through them from multiple manufacturers. No issues.

Some people are wed to a specific kind of ammo, but I think it's easy to make too big a deal over ammo choices. Real life can be very different from laboratory tests in ballistic gel. Multiple studies have shown that even the best hollow points (in lab tests) do not always expand in real life as well as they do in the lab.

For range practice, I'd buy the cheapest stuff you can find, and your XDs will probably function flawlessly with it.

For every day carry, I usually use Hornady Critical Duty or Critical Defense because they are easily found in my area. I carry them for 6 months, then shoot them at the range and replace them.

Many people, including some wise people on this site, love Federal HST, but I've not yet been able to acquire any.

I just finished working through a 7 DVD set entitled "The Armed American's Complete Concealed Carry Guide to Effective Self-Defense" by Patrick Kilchermann. Patrick said that most of the major ammo manufacturers make a high quality, reliable self-defense round. He also said to expect to pay about a dollar a round for good self-defense ammo.

The most important thing--in my opinion--is to make certain that the rounds you intend to carry do function flawlessly in your particular gun. I'd shoot at least a box or 2 of the ammo you intend to carry before you carry it.

As long as you are picking between top tier selections from major manufacturers, selecting an ammo is a lot like picking a Ford or a Chevy; it's mostly a matter of opinion and personal preference.
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