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XDs Recall

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Hi all,
I sent my XDs 45 back to Springfield at the beginning of the month for the recent recall.
I was wondering if anyone else has done so and has received it back yet?

Hopefully it wouldn't be too long of a time until it returns.
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They have had both of mine for three weeks today and when I talked to them all could tell me is 30 days so I am expecting to hear something on mine next week.

But I won't hold my breath cause it was a big recall.
Someone on Facebook said they talked to SA yesterday and they are claiming 8-10 weeks now but I hope not! Sent mine out the beginning of September too.
I haven't sent mine yet.
I want to hear from some of the returns first.
I can live without the repair if I need too.
Unfortunately I think this is going to a lot longer than 30 days. I have been hearing that Springfield is now saying from 8 to 10 weeks. I am carrying my Ruger LC9 in the meantime.
That 8 to 10 weeks ?

I just talked to them yesterday how I got thru I'll never know but anyway the gal I talked to said they are still running a 30 day turnaround. And that is also what it still says on the web page.

I guess all we can do is wait!:eek:
i am reading SA is saying 8 - 12 weeks. I also hear the fix is still in testing. If that is true no components are in manufacturing. that would make 8 - 12 weeks highly optimistic IMHO. I am not getting my hopes up.
I bought a G30s a couple of weeks ago. it carries well, better than my other guns. it will probably be my permanent ccw.
If it was truly 30 days, SOMEONE would have gotten a return by now, but I haven't heard anything.

That's why I will hold onto mine, until they get all the kinks out of the recall
Thankfully I have my XDm 3.8 to fall back on while I wait.
They told me 30 days when I talked to them earlier this week. Maybe it depends on who you get to talk to.
Been carrying my wife's G19 til my LC9 gets here next week.
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I sent mine in a few weeks ago too. Going through withdrawl so I pulled out the XD Tactical and that calmed me down....

See the latest FAQ on Springfield's website that was issued today.

Sent mine in last week and started carrying my XD9 SC....my all time favorite pistol
While, from the Springfield website FAQ and other are saying, It looks like I'm going to be missing my XDs for at least another month, thankfully I have my XD40sc for back up carry.

Thanks to all who have chimed in.
From Springfield's webpage.
http://www.springfieldrecall.com/Recall FAQ.asp

We originally estimated a 30-day turn-around time, but it has unfortunately taken longer to develop and identify an upgrade solution. Please know that we are continuing to test potential upgrade solutions at this time and we have been doing so since we became aware of this issue. This testing is nearing completion and we will post any new updates as soon as we have identified a final upgrade solution. We will post our next update no later than Friday, October 4, and we will communicate immediately if a final solution is identified prior to that date. We wish that we could provide you with a specific return date at this time, but we are unfortunately unable to do so. Upgrades will be completed on a "first come / first served" basis.
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thankfully I have my XD40sc for back up carry.

Still my favorite...
I hope all of you will stop back and post when you do receive your firearm back from the recall...

Thanks !!
I hope all of you will stop back and post when you do receive your firearm back from the recall...

Thanks !!
I will.

As for now, the shop just called so I'm off to get my LC9!
Wife told me her XDS may not be back for a few months from the recall. I felt bad so I picked her up a Gen4 G27 this weekend. We both shot it at the range this weekend along with my Gen4 19. I loved the G27, I sure hope her XDS 9mm comes back soon.... :D
since I won't see my XDS for a long, long time, if ever I bought a G30s. shot it last night IDPA type practice. wow I have a new favorite I shoot it better than than the XDS too.
I just read the Springfield update for the week.
Well! I guess that initial 30 day turn-around time is out the window.
Glad I didn't send mine in yet.
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