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XDS Issues

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Does anyone have trouble racking a round into their XDS? My XDS will jam most of the time I put the mag in and rack a round into the chamber. I can lock the slide open, put in my mag and release and it chambers every time. But if the mag is in the pistol and I try to quickly pull back the slide and chamber a round...more times than not it will jam. Anyone else with this issue or can someone enlighten me as to what I am doing wrong. I have received my recalled XDS with the problems repaired.
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The instruction manual says to lock slide, insert mag, release slide. Do not rack the slide. I've done this for over 700 rounds and have not had any hang-ups at all.
Thank you for the post. I have loaded my xds that way, usually at the range. However the manual also says an alternative method to load is with a mag inserted to forcefully pull the slide completely to the rear and in one motion quickly release it allowing the slide to slam forward unimpeded under its own force which is how I usually chamber my Glock, Beretta, and or S&W and have never had a problem. That way has not worked for me very well with the xds and that was my issue. I will now only load my xds in the manner you use and the way it states in the manual's 1st method. Thank you for the heads up and hopefully if I use the first method for chambering a round I will not have any problems in the future. Again, thank you for replying.
Hey guys, I have only had my XDs for about a week. Have only run 50 rounds through it, and it sometimes the slide will not lock open upon an empty magazine. After thinking about it and holding the gun, I think my strong hand thumb is hitting the slide lock lever. Anybody else having this issue, or have any input? Thanks!

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Hey Suap... I had the same issues when I first picked up my XDS. Just rack it like you own it as they say. Lol just dont ride the slide. After a little practice your problem will disappear.

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That is exactly what a gunsmith here in Maine told me to do. And I have found, that the more I 'own it', the more it consistently chambers a round. Thanks for the post. I do like the 45 cal XDS and it is my EDC.
Over 200 rounds through my XDS 45 with no issues. Great gun.

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