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XDs feedback after fix

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Looking for opinions from those of you who have gotten your XDs's back from SA. I have been holding off buying an XDs until I see significant feedback - post repair. Any difference in feel, trigger or any noticeable difference in shooting?

Thanks for the input!
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Thanks for the link, exactly the kind of info I was looking for.
Mine came back last week. Went to the range yesterday and put about 170 rounds through it. Trigger was noticeably stiffer at first, but smoothed out with usage. Accuracy was good and it cycled everything I fed it w/o a hiccup.

No complaints.
I took mine out to the range on Sunday after getting it back earlier in the week. I put 50 rounds through it without any problems and to me, the trigger seems about the same.
I'm thinking of waiting a bit and picking up another one in 9mm, or hopefully .40 S&W if they come out with it.
I got mine back on Friday and went to the range Saturday. I am more than pleased, I put 100 rounds thru it and not one problem.
I just purchased a new 9mm and took it to the range. I fired 100 rounds without any problems. Trigger did seem a little stiff and gritty at first but getting better. I do feel a carry gun should not have a easy trigger pull for obvious reasons. I was shooting at 50 feet as that's the only distance we can shoot at the range. Still it shot pretty good groups about the size of a pie plate shooting offhand.
XDs Post Recall and Powder River Spring Kit

I got my XDs back January 16th. It was exactly 3 months from the day Springfield recieved it. The trigger wasn't smooth at all. It seemed extremely stiff and felt like it was rubbing against the frame. I ordered a Powder River Spring kit for it and installed it last week. The trigger pull was smoother and easier. I would recommend this kit for anyone who has a post recall XDs. The only drawback is the grip safety spring is different and when you pull the trigger assembly out, the grip safety pops out of place and in my case the pin and spring fell out. It took me a while to figure out how the spring and grip safety bar(part that was added) fit together. There is now a video on YouTube, "XDS Upgraded Sear Housing Disassembly," that will help you figure it out.
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Finally made it to the range with my XDs in 45 ACP. Seems to run as good as before the fix. Trigger may not feel quite as good. Not bad though. I shot approx. 80 rounds through it and no real issues. It's not as accurate as my XD9 Sub compact though. I haven't been shooting in about 6 months so all three of us will get better with more practice...LOL
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