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I've had my XDS for about 10 months I guess. It's still stock and even though folks say the trigger is too heavy, I think it shoots just fine. I actually have sub consciously been shooting my XDS at every range trip pretty much, which is maybe 2 times a month.
any one see any issues taking your primary CCW pistol and shooting it more than your range pistols ?
mine given it's accuracy is my de-facto 9mm target pistol.
so should I get another XD pistol like an older XD9 ? will that shoot as good, i.e. 1" groups at 7 yards consistently ??

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XDs 9mm EDC Shoot it Often

A XDs 9mm is my EDC gun, and I shoot it every opportunity I get. I think it's extremely important to practice with your carry piece so that you know, trust it, and can operate it in "auto pilot" mode if need be.

Since I have neither the money nor the time to get to the range every week, I use Tipton snap caps to do a few minutes of dry fire practice at least once a week.
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