XDM 525 sights

Discussion in 'Springfield Armory XD' started by TerrorDactyl, Feb 20, 2015.

  1. TerrorDactyl

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    I have emailed Springfield multiple times and gotten no answer so I will throw it to thix forum. Does anyone know where I can get a two dot adjustable rear sight for my 525??

    I am in my 70s and compete in LSSA indoor competitions regularly and want to see if the two dot rear will help my scores.

    For those that dont have one the 525 does not use a dovetail rear sight unlike the other XDMs

    Thanks in advance for any help
  2. Balota

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    I have an XDm 5.25 Competition Series 45ACP. I have not needed to replace the sights for performance reasons, but I'm only shooting IDPA and have only made Marksman in CDP. I did look at getting TFO sights for it and you are right, it isn't a standard dovetail.

    I think you pretty much have to have it done in a custom shop such as Springfield themselves. There are probably 3rd party folks who could also do it. I've had exemplary service from Springfield on the (very) few occasions I've had to use them and would recommend them without hesitation.