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XD45 subcompact 45 holster

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Just got this yesterday. All the holsters I’m seeing online says they’re for the 9/40 but don’t mention the 45. Will the 45 fit in the holster made for the 9/40?
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I don’t believe so due to the slide being different, but you should check the specs and see if there’s any difference. The SA website, or a quick google search should help.
I got a IWB for my XDS45 from Muddy River that works well for me. I have an optic on mine. Great fit, hold, and comfort.

In general, a good holster (one that fits properly) for any 9 or 40 will be too small for a 45.

I carried my XD SubCompact 45 most days for about a year using a Galco King Tuck.

It worked well, but the belt clips are metal, and they cut my car seat and an office chair.
I replaced those metal clips with plastic clips from CrossBreed, and the problem is solved.
These days I usually carry a Hellcat in an Alabama Pocket Holster.
I got the muddy river tactical Tuckable IWB Leather Holster with the ulticlip. It works well.
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