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    I have been wondering why it is that more police don't use the Springfield XD as a duty pistol. Obviously Glock has the police business locked down and you do see SIG and S&W pistols used to a lessor extent, but why not the XD? Is there something about the pistol they don't like or is it the deals that Glock or the others are willing to make with the police? Maybe more police are using it and I'm just not aware of it? Personally I own two Glock pistols, a G27 and a G31S and trust my life to both of them, but my SIG P226, the S&W M&P9 and the Springfield XD all fit my hands better. I can take any of those and out of the box they fit. For some reason Glock has the feeling that all hands are the same and the finger grooves on their guns will suffice for everyone. I had to take down the high points on the finger grooves in order to get a good grip.
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