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Who's on the peninsula?

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C'mon ya'll. I know there's a few out there...
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Me! I'm Florida born and raised. It's a great place to live. Great weather, pretty decent gun rights, some of the best fishing in the world, and lots of crazy **** happens all the time to keep things interesting.
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Hey Olaf! Hopefully we won't be in here all by our lonesomes...:rolleyes:
Native Floridian here as well. Just in the central part of the beautiful Gunshine State..
Off the coast of West Palm about a month ago.


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Glad you're here Glocku...
About 12 miles off the Broward coast...
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Daytona Beach area.

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Not born here, but I've been here since 1956. Spent most of that in Broward (lived in Pompano and Deerfield - worked in Hollywood). Moved to Loxahatchee in the early 1990's.

I'd like to move further north in the state, but can't pry the wife out of this area...yet.
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Rural Nassau County, here. Out in the piney woods, where cows make the best neighbors. (Whoever came up with that advertising slogan "Country Fresh Smell" obviously had never been near a dairy farm or a production chicken operation:D)
On the first coast in Jacksonville. A south Alabama transplant!
Thanks fellas. I appreciate y'all chiming in...
Thanks for checking in dutch. 'preciatecha...
I will be down in January.
Miami! WOOT! WOOT!

We might have enough people for some kind of get-together some day!

Thanks for checking in cloaker. Lived in Miami when we first moved down here.
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