Which to choice Range Officer Champion 4" 9m or EMP4" 9mm

Discussion in 'Springfield Armory M1911' started by 2ndshift, Jul 8, 2016.

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    I am not new to the 1911A1 as I started with one in the Army in 1980. I turned in my glock as of 6-1-14. No more plastic for me as I am returning to 1911A1 platform yeah! I am looking for advice from those on here who now more than I do which is probably just about everybody. I am going with either the Range Officer Champion 4" or the EMP 4" in 9mm not 45ACP. This pistol will be for daily carry across the country (HR 218). I am seeking input and advice from those who have actual experience with either actual pistol not some other model. Thanks for any and all replies.:D
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    Welcome to the Springfield Forum.
    I'm sure someone will come along to answer your question.

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    yep have to step aside also..........welcome !
    have a colt commander 4"45acp, and have a Kimber 3"45acp and have an EMP...... but in 40cal
    nope don't have a specific model.
    EMP in 45acp ? didn't know SA made one?
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    I had the same dilemma as you. I wanted a 9mm 4" barreled 1911 with an alloy frame. I also wanted to be able to use 10 round mags, so that eliminated the compacts. I went back and forth between the Range Officer Champion and the EMP4.

    The EMP4 is a beautiful little work of art. I shot a buddy's standard EMP in 9mm and loved it. But there are a few things to consider with the EMP line. First, the grip is a bit smaller from front to back and therefore also in circumference. If you have smaller hands, this may work for you. But I felt like the fingers of my strong hand were wrapping a bit too far around the grip. The other thing about the EMP is that some of the parts are proprietary to the EMP. That means if you want to change those parts, you may not be able to.

    With the Range Officer line, you get the full-sized, standard 1911 grip size and diameter. You can buy regular grips or thin grips to adjust the overall circumference. Because I intended to shoot the pistol in competitions, one of my first alterations was going to be to add a magwell. For any standard-sized 1911, there are multiple vendors offering magwells. But the big plus for the Range Officer line is that because they are based on standard 1911s, you can upgrade any part you want in the pistol.

    Just this very morning, I ordered a Range Officer Champion in 9mm. As much as I loved the idea of owning an EMP, the slightly larger grip and standardized parts of the Range Officer line won out.

    I think you could be happy with either. But if you can find a store that has both, or at least has an EMP and another 1911 to hold, you can compare how they feel in your hand. Honestly, you won't go wrong with either. Great pistols!