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Which Gun Lubes / Oils do you use...

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Curious as to which type of gun lubes and oils the membership uses to maintain their firearms both when in use and when stored away in their safes...


I myself use Frog Lube and Breakfree CLP to keep my firearms operating and for short term storage in my safe(s).


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For my rifles and shoguns I use Kroil to clean them and usually Sili-Kroil to lube them. The pistols that I race get cleaned with Kroil and run wet with 4 stroke motorcycle oil. Long term storage in Az doesn't require rust prevention unless you have a swamp cooler to cool your home. I usually use Breakfree for long term storage in damp places.
I use Breakfree CLP....I love the stuff !
I use Breakfree CLP,for all internal and bore,

then a good coat of Johnson Paste Wax , for outside barrel and stocks, for safe sitting.

I've always been a Hoppes n Break Free type of guy.
I generally use Eezox for general lubrication/rust prevention, and a very light coating of Slide Glide on the rails of my autoloaders. :cool:
I use Hoppes 9 to clean them and AMSOIL synthetic motor oil for lubrication. They run great.
What weight/viscosity is the AMSOIL...?
I use CLP Breakfree to clean and lube my firearms. I also use Lucas High heat grease on the rails. Makes the slide feel like glass when I cock it to put it in battery.
Lucas High Heat Grease

Gotta look this one up...
I was using TW25bB for a while. Honestly couldn't tell/feel any difference. These days I mostly just use the Gunzilla...
shooter 13, you can use any AMSOIL you want, but I'm currently using 0w 30.
Super Q.C.G. for cleaning and CLP for lubing
I use the mil-comm system. Love it won't ever change back to anything else.
Corrosion X is the best product I found hands down!!!

Cleans and lubes all in one. Affordable as well
CLP Break-Free turns gummy. It can make a mess of a fine revolver action - I thought my K-22 had a broken part until I soaked it for an hour in kerosene - The CLP had polymerized.

Now I use Hoppes to clean (can't live without that SMELL!), Royal Purple ATF and Kerosene 50/50 for light lube (basically bathe the 1911's in it), and Royal Purple grease for sliding parts. A quart of ATF and a big tube of grease will last a lifetime. JPW for polish.
Thought I'd resurrect this to reflect what I'm currently using. For cleaning and light lube, Ballistol. When grease is called for, Royal Purple UPG.

What I've tried (Six of these went in the trash after I took the pic, to keep the CLP company - Guess which six and win a horrible Barsony holster). These are all safe on any finish - Something to keep in mind before experimenting!:

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