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It is inevitable that sometime within the next 10 years Lead will be restricted in much the same way that Mercury is.

At the present time, Lead is only in common use in car batteries and bullets, and lead/acid batteries are soon to be phased out due to the large amount of soluble lead (and other heavy metal) salts finding their way into the environment.

The most likely replacement for lead in bullets is Bismuth. Bismuth is roughly 90% as dense as lead, but it is brittle, and expensive. Of course, the cost of lead will be rising precipitately in the near future as new regulations for the handling of lead come online. I can tell you that all U.S. hospitals and schools (including universities) treat Lead as a significant health hazard. The only acceptable use for lead here at Caltech is as radiation shielding. It can no longer be used as ballast in any application.

I think that what we are going to see is the development of several common bullet materials for various purposes. There will be wax/polymer bullets for target use at up to 25 yards, Bismuth bullets for use to perhaps 100 yards, and copper bullets for use beyond 100 yards. Bullet recovery will become a successful business model.

We will see a general reduction in velocity for all rounds. In fact, I would not be surprised to see AirSoft type compressed air, or other compressed gas systems, becoming common for PD weapons.

Anyway, that's what I see coming. So get your safe queens out and shoot them while you still can!
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