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All this just makes one wander what is going on in America, with all the Hidden surprises this administration and congress are letting out. I mean we got surveillance cameras in cities and Highways now, Homoland insecurity, and according to them almost everyone except the liberal zombies are potential terrorists.

We got something the liberals call a president bowing down to other kings, tyrants and rulers in the world, apologizing for Americans and all their evil we have done in the world sense its creation. We now have a hate crime that makes any action against anyone for his or her sexual orientation a crime, (even child molesters).

We got the no fly list that no American citizen can see and is immune from court orders, (with 8 year olds listed on it), let us not forget the naked air port scanners, not to mention that this abomination of an administration signed onto the U.N. arms treaty that was and is so vague that it can greatly put American’s private firearms ownership at risk, and is why the last two administrations did not sign on to it.

Now osamaobama has signed Executive Order Establishing Council of Governors, and some cities using drone aircraft to spy on American citizens. I wander if this drone will be armed so when they spot you J-walking they can dispense justice with it on the spot? It sure makes one wander just what the liberal congress mint by transparency, sense they have been more secretive in the last 2 years then the CIA has sense its creation.

Now when this socialist health care bill passes (for our own good I might add) if we refuse to submit to socialism we will be criminals and possible jailed with a felony conviction of tax evasion. Let us not forget that this criminal administration uses crap groups like the SPLC, Acorn, and others as absolute experts in who is and is not terrorists.

You know it is getting out of hand when the very government that is suppose to protect our Constitutional rights is using our very tax dollars to fund research into violations of our rights. Such as the money spent to research guns used in crime, which is used as anti gun propaganda.

we got a large group in this country that believes that it is not right to be an American because it offends others who moved here.

Why I am the enemy/criminal to the leftist, in our country.
1. I use the term illegal alien, instead of undocumented worker.
2. I say the pledge of allegiance to our flag instead of some other countries flag.
3. I believe in the Republic that we are, our Constitution/Bill of Rights as they have been for 230 years or more, instead of calling them old and outdated.
4. I do not believe nor support socialism or communism.
5. I do not believe in shara law but rather in American law.
6. I do not support the U.N. and I believe it should be removed from our soil.
7. I believe in the Individual right to keep and bare arms, unrestricted for law-abiding citizens.
8. I support the death penetaly for heinous crimes.
9. I do not support the nanny state.
10. I believe it is better to be an honest citizen then lie to everyone.
11. I will not sacrifice a little bit of freedom for a little bit of security.
12. I do not believe in appeasement of the criminal or our enemies in the world.
13. I do not believe in a free ride at the exspense of the Tax payer.
14. I believe it is everyones right to believe how they wish, reguarding religions or lack of.
15. I believe it is everyones right and duty to serve the country when needed.
16. I believe that charity should come from the person and not the Government.
17. I do not support political correctness.
18. I believe that it is not the Governments job to decide for me what I will do and will not do.
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