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West Ky at your service

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I know ,most people never heard of West Ky, but it does exist.

I live there,
Land of many rivers and lakes and tourist.

Oh yeah, lots of gun totin, huntin ,backwoods, ******** too.:D

Im bettin I aint the only Guntuckian here.

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Hey Jim...I actually drove through it once...and it's on the map...So, it DOES exist !!
Never been there, maybe a road trip I'm the future :)
There HAS to be a West Ky if there's an East Ky,it's only logical ;). I lived in Central Ky for awhile and drove to Louisville,South of there and also down to Lake Cumberland ;). Never all the way West though :eek:.
Stayed at the new Hampton Inn in Radcliff ,in July 2011, while doing a club shoot at Knob Creek.
Nice town.
btw, my daughter trained everyone to open that Hampton.

Hello from Garrard County

I was born in Boyd County and have traveled all over the state including western KY.

I have a nephew living in Murray.
I drove through there on the way to Fort Knox. It is a beautiful area.
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