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Well wishes for one of our own

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One of our forum Administrators (Havasu) is having knee replacement surgery tomorrow.

Please help me in wishing him a speedy recovery !
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Take care Havasu!

I had Bi-lateral knee replacement Jan 8th and went back to work after 5 weeks and 3 days. Not as bad as I thought it could be. 4 day hospital stay.

Just do your exercises and be careful when you're moving about and you'll be OK.

Best wishes for your speedy recovery.
Thank you sir. I was also at the hospital for 4 days, but now home recuperating.
Glad to hear from you Havasu, hope it's a quick recovery
He has a bottle of OxyContin :D
Wait till you forget you had it done and you kneel on your knee....yeow!

Glad you're at home and doing well
Ole442 has the right idea. Make sure you .do the therapy!! Religiously!!

Why do gangsters shoot holding their handguns flat?
Because that's the way it came out of the box!!!
Hope you and the oxycodone are best buds. Get well soon Mon!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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