TRP Operator front sight replacement

Discussion in 'Springfield Armory M1911' started by AntiSoCal, Jul 25, 2016.

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    I would like to replace the factory front Tritium sight on my TRP Operator with one that is hi vis for daylight (fiber optic or photoluminescent) and Tritium for night shooting? I see that Trijicon has a sight set called "1911 Novak" that is .330" x 65 degree. Is that the spec for the TRP factory front sight? TruGlo also has a sight set called Novak (260 or 270 x 450 or 500). (I have a set of TruGlo TFX on my HK VP9 and I really like them.) Does anyone have experience with either the Trijicon or TruGlo? Any other brands that will fit the TRP out of the box? BTW, I would by a front/rear set eventough I don't need the rear - I have a Harrison fixed rear. Thanks.