They Rebuilt my Glock for FREE

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    My postings on this forum attest to my support of Springfield Armory, including their customer service, which is very good. If I'm ever not carrying a XD Mod2, it's only because I'm carrying a XDs instead.

    Having said that, here's what happened on my recent trip to the Glock factory.

    On August 8, 2018, I made the 120-mile voyage to the Glock factory in Smyrna, GA.

    The security was impressive, armored, and very polite. The guard put a coil lock on my Glock and asked me to leave all other weapons in my car when I entered the building. CC was strictly prohibited.

    The staff was extremely professional and polite. After ringing an intercom doorbell, I was buzzed into a waiting area that was approximately 25 x 25 feet. There were chairs all around the walls and a giant TV playing Glock commercials and infomercials. Unfortunately, this was the only room to which I was given access.

    Seconds after I was buzzed into that room, an armorer entered, introduced himself, and asked what he could do for me. I told him my Glock 22 is 21 years old, is showing significant wear, that I wanted it checked for safety and would like a new recoil spring and anything else the armorer felt was necessary.

    The armorer examined it quickly, then said it looked like I had used it a lot and taken good care of it. Then he smiled and said, “Give me an hour or so. You can wait here or leave and come back.” Hungry, I decided to seek food. The security guard gave me directions to a good BBQ place nearby.

    An hour or so later, I returned from the restaurant, went through security again, and returned to the nice little waiting room. I waited less than 5 minutes before the armorer entered the room, handed me my cable-locked Glock, and explained the work he had done. He also gave me a printed invoice. I was charged absolutely nothing, and the following things were replaced on my 21-year-old Glock:

    1. Connector
    2. Extractor
    3. Spring Loaded Bearing
    4. Extractor depressor plunger
    5. Extractor depressor plunger spring
    6. Firing pin
    7. Spacer sleeve
    8. Firing Pin spring
    9. Firing Pin spring cup
    10. Firing Pin Channel liner
    11. Firing Pin safety
    12. Firing Pin safety spring
    13. Locking Block
    14. Locking Block pin
    15. Recoil Spring
    16. Sight Rear
    17. Sight Front
    18. Slide Lock
    19. Slide Lock Spring
    20. Slide Stop Lever
    21. Trigger housing with Ejector
    22. Trigger Spring
    23. Trigger with Trigger Bar
    24. New mag

    All for FREE! I am enormously impressed! If more businesses did business like Glock, this world would be a much better place!

    After my experience at the Glock factory today, my already high respect for Glock has increased exponentially.

    In response to questions I asked, the Glock armorer confirmed that the SF frame (which I think became an option with Gen 3) is the base frame for Gen 4 and 5. The armorer also said that he does not know all of the corporate plans, but as far as he knows, 9 mm is the only caliber that will be offered as Gen 5 in the near future. Those of us who prefer 40 and 45 should not hold our breath for those to be offered as Gen 5.
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    If more business existed like Glock they would soon be out of business. From what i read this was a PR stunt by Glock. It would almost have been less expensive by Glock to give you a new pistol. Then again looking at the parts replaced you have basically a new pistol. They also gave you a new magazine? In pistol spare parts the price of them is usually high and i find it extraordinary that someone would hand a used item to an Glock employee and say fix anything you think necessary. I would have asked for a quote just in case. So, well done. Glock is now on Gen 5, must be a great many new parts on the latest models compared to the first generation? So you how own and carry one of two SA pistols but still had your very old Glock renewed?
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    Now that is great customer service!
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    Hello. Thanks for the response, although I am not sure I fully comprehend it. Yes, this FREE REBUILD seems too good to be true, but I think my many posts on this forum show that: (1) I'm not a bot, and (2) if I were a "fanboy" of anything, it would be the Springfield XD line.

    I saw a youtube video by Moss Pawn and Gun, aka Iraqveteran... which said Glock would update any pistol brought to the Smyrna factory for FREE. I called Glock, Smyrna to verify that claim. Then I made the trip. It does sound too good to be true, but again, my posts on this forum can speak for themselves. This SUPER customer service may well be something like a Glock publicity stunt, but if so, it is one they do OFTEN; Barry in the previously mentioned video says it's their NORMAL customer service. When I told the armorer how impressed I was, he said that Glock values their name and my business. "Stunt" or not, it worked! My next pistol will be another Glock, rather than another 1911.

    Gen 5 is significantly different from Gen 1, but there is a clear family likeness, like when one compares an original GI 1911, a 1911A, and a modern Sig... Ruger, etc. 1911.

    Yes, my EDC is a Springfield XD Mod 2 or XDs, depending on outfit, but the Glock 22 that I took to Smyrna in Aug. 2018 has been a faithful range gun and occasional carry piece for over 2 decades.

    Btw, I did receive one free new mag on that trip to Smyrna; was told it was because of a mandatory update. Since then, I have mailed 2 other old mag to Smyrna and requested new replacements. Will let you all know how they respond to that request.
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    Hi I was in no way in my comment casting aspersions on your character. I was attempting to point out that a company like Glock will go bankrupt if they continue on with said policies. Yes i can fully understand that if a particular part on a firearm failed they as the company would replace and or replace the part. However in the invoice you submitted they removed and replaced all parts and threw in a magazine. As a previous Glock owner, going back very many years, and a S&W owner there are some pistols that are best to allow, and should to pass into history. All i can say to you s well done in your deal and i hope you enjoy the XD you also now use. I will say you openly stated that if you are not carrying an XD you are carrying and XDs. Hence as i see it and having used the Glock you make a great case for the XD and zero for the glock. As a pistol that is very well priced, light and will function faultlessly i will promote a glock and or a S&W M&P every day of the week. As i use my pistols mainly for competitions, that remains another matter. Be safe.
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    Voltaire, thanks for the clarification.

    Here is another evidence Glock's amazing generosity and customer service: yesterday I received the 2 FREE replacement mags for the 21 year-old mags that I returned to them.

    Please understand, I LOVE Glocks. My old 22 has had so many rounds through it that it has strange wear inside the slide, wear like no one at either of my 2 LGSs had ever seen. BTW, it has never had a FTF or FTE ever. That wear is what prompted the trip to Smyrna. The Glock armorer said that the wear is from the old style locking block and only happens when round counts get quite high.

    I just purchased a new IWB holster for that now-rebuilt old Glock 22, and I plan to start carrying it sometimes. I actually carried it for a couple years, but I carried it without a round in the chamber. Yea... I know, not a great idea! Expecting to have time to chamber a round in an emergency is not reasonable.

    Uneasiness with empty chambers and with manual safeties is why I've been carrying a XD or XDs for the past 3 years. That grip safety on the XD family of pistols seems like a perfect amount of safety for me. I feel safe carrying a hot XD, but I do need to get used to the idea of carrying a Glock with one in the chamber. Any thoughts on that?
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    A friend had his Glock stolen late 1999, one day the police returned it to him, apparently the thief threw it behind some bushes and years later the home owner working on the yard, found it and returned to the PD, my friend give it to me, he had claimed his insurance, it was heavily weather damaged. I send it to Glock and they wanted to know the story, couple of days later they called asking if it was alright if they keep it, for their museum, I thinking that's what they said, and Glock will send me a new one. If I remember correctly, it was a G-22 Gen II
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    Congratulations on getting your Glock refurbished and at a great price! HIHI!
    As others have said, too bad other companies of all businesses were not that accommodating.