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The problems of America

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The problems of America are many, and the cure is few and bloody. Sense America is no longer a nation of one, but rather two seporite nations it is hard to effect a cure. Now some one is going to say what the hell is he talking about?

Quite frankly we are a divided country with two nations and each is via’ing for control. I am not talking about a division of the north and the south, black vs. white, rich vs. poor, or even catholic vs. Baptist. But rather government vs. the people, where the American government has become a nation of it’s self, trying to governing the lesser serfs of the 2nd nation.

Most every nation where the people and government was one in the same, slid into a division of powers with one dominating the other through force. America is no longer a country where the government is made of the people, by the people and for the people, but rather the government has become its own entity with an elite force attempting to govern the lesser serfs.

Self governing worked but not the way the government wanted nor did the leaches on socity like the ability of the people self governing. It falls back to the old evil of government equals aristocratic principles of man needs to be led and told by the elite their ever move.

In the begaining our government was very small, we had no standing Army, the power of the government over the lives of the people were minimal. The government governed best because it governed lest. Sense then ever want to be tyrant who wished for others to do as they wanted us to do has put their dirty hand on the cauldren of government and through legaslation forced the people to obay.

Effectively ending in dividing the country into two nations one dominating the other with force and threat. Giving power to local areas once the area had shown enough loyety to the new rulers. Where the loyety was and is still in question, the country of the government uses force through law they create and heep upon the masses of the other country.

The government is not America, but it resides within America. It is much like the U.N. where it is an entity within the borders of another country. This government does not produces any product, it can not create true jobs, and it is not bound by the laws that bind the people. This nation of government has disdain for the very laws that the nation was founded on and that being the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
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