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Takedown Difficulty

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AFter removing the pin, the slide is very difficult to remove from the frame. Any others have this issue and any resolution?
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Sometimes if you take the recoil spring out of a 1911 the guide rod will drop and cant. Then the edges will bind against the barrel. The barrel also tends to drop a bit and bind without the spring to hold it up. Leaving the recoil spring in as you slide it apart and back together should help. I would imagine the EMP is what you are taking about. Usually pistols of this type must have the spring depressed and held by a takedown tool as you slide it apart.
Gentlemen, this is posted in the EMP forum so I would guess he's talking about an EMP.

OP, do you have the ability to post any pictures or video of what you're experiencing? I never had any issues separating the frame from the slide after removing the slide stop. Can you be a little more descriptive?
AFter removing the pin, the slide is very difficult to remove from the frame. Any others have this issue and any resolution?
Yes...it's more difficult than your standard 1911:(
Hi guys, I'm new to this site but since I can't find a answer to my question online I figured who better to ask then fellow EMP owners. Does anyone happen to know how you can get a replacement barrel for the 9mm EMP? I have searched for months and know one seems to know and Springfield doesn't sell really any replacement parts for the EMP's. I didn't know how to start a new thread, so I apologize if I broke any of the ethics of the forum.

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There is a piece that the slide slides over towards the back left of the gun. When you get your slide off you might try and tap it down. I had this problem with mine and once I tapped it down I could easily remove my slide. From what I've read is that SA had this problem with some of the earlier models. That piece was glued on and wouldn't hold. Newer models don't have the same problem. Not sure what the fix was. Finger Toy Thumb Nail Wrist

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On mine the disconnector (the little button in the center of the pic) was sticking both up and down. I think I've beaten it into submission with CLP and it's not feeling gritty so hopefully just grunge and not one of the internal horrors that can cause a stuck disconnector. It'll sure interfere with slide movement, though.
I saw it, posted anyway because some guy may have just bought one and is experiencing the same problem.
Had the same problem with my emp. Tapped piece cooperbailey has pic of down. Problem solved!
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