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Hi all,

Was lucky to come across one used, which i bought right away, i want to buy a new mainspring housing in stainless for it and a new mag release, the previous chap had put a mag well on it and drilled and extension onto the mag release.

I assume that the Wilson Combat stainless MSH for a compact will fit?
i also assume that the wilson Combat Stainless carry mag release will also retrofit?

and lastly, i have the recoil guide assembly i would like to change, mine is the one that takes an allen key to take down, what other replacement parts are there for this pistol, mine is a tad banged up so i would like to replace it with a new stainless version, what is available that will work with the UC V10?

lastly i will also change the grips to LOK Bogies for a compact, with stainless hex head screws i am assuming this would also. fit?

Please could you more knowledgeable guys help with this.

I was also wondering if the from sight of these is milled out along with the slide or is another piece has been fitted and silver soldered or something to the slide? apologies for not being too clued up here. i will have to have the parts imported from the good ol States so i can ill afford to make a mess of this, please help gun gods 😊
also i have attached pics of my gun and another with a cut back barrel, i think looks amazing, would any of you oppose doing this and are there any short falls to doing the 45 degree cut back crown

The gun looks really sorry for itself now, but when i am done she will be the bell of the ball, i plan to totally slick her up to her former glory.
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