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Springfield abandons basic military 1911 ?

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I dont understand why they had to do it since they presumably were being
economically manufactured in Brazil to compete with the guns from Asia.
Anyone know the answer ?
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Welcome to the Springfield Armory Forum !!

Nope...no idea !
Oh, NO!

I Just bought a GI model 1911 last week.
Same here, bought one that was never fired by the orginal owner a few weeks ago.
I've been thinking about the differences between the discontinued GI
model vs the continuing low end Mil Spec model and it seems to me
that the mil spec is no more expensive to make and therefore they
just decided to only sell the better pistol if it costs the same to make.
here are the features that are different
1. enlarged ejection port in the slide.... I dont think that is any more costly or difficult to make if it is done originally.

2. sights slightly improved..... the rear sight is still basically fixed and they
dont seem do different that they would be more expensive to make
3. polished feed ramp and throated barrel ......... These items along with
the ejection port, just seem like ordinary procedures during a mfg process and
to tell the truth sound like the gun would be more reliable as a result but
my GI model has always been 100 percent reliable anyway... perhaps there
are some bullet shapes that would work better but I dont shoot the expensive
stuff and makes this seem irrelevant.

4.Angled serrations on the slide..... who cares. I personally like the
grooves to be as with the original guns but it should not cost any more
to cut the grooves at an angle.

5. Flared mag well......... Now this is something that could make inserting
the mags a little easier and I would like to have but I dont see how it
causes any greater expense. I mean this area of the gun has to be machined, and polished anywyy so all they did is change the profile.

6. Different grips showing "springfield armory" COAT-OF-ARMS....
I much prefer the wood grips showing "US" instead of a billboard
advertising SpringField Armory anyway.

7. They say the handle or grip is somehow higher with the Mil-Spec
than the GI model but I cannot see it. The grip on the GI model
certainly has not been a problem for me but maybe side by side
I might see some kind of difference.

Going back 3 or 4 years, I cannot remember what the MSRP price difference was on the SA website between GI and Mil Spec but I do remember that
it was only 50 dollars more for the stainless version of the GI.

OH YEA, they dropped the Olive Drab green versiion of the Mil Spec pistol.
That was my favorite color and what I have. I realize the black is the
more authentic color but I really like my green model.
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Let's see some pics of that OD GI 1911a1...
Lets see if these pics come through ok


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Now, I want one...!!

Do you mind me asking how much...you didn't pay MSRP correct !?
Love that thing I need one!
Yeah, that is a nice looking pistol. I kinda want one now, too, haha.
Yea, from what I can read on the Springfield website, they no longer any
of their various models of 1911 in the Olive Drab Green anymore.
I guess it is all about volume of sales. Pretty much makes mine
a collectors item now so I better take care of it.

I really liked the way they mixed in just a few black accessories.

I know a lot of guys used to upgrade with just a few chrome parts
too like maybe just the hammer or safety lever and the barrel retainer
piece etc. To me though, that just adds unnecessarily to the cost
although a tad of chrome and black on green was awful pretty.
Here are some examples where some guys swapped out some Stainless
parts on their green 1911 pistols. Although this particular pistol
is the mil-spec green version ( because of the slanted grooves in slide)

This brings to mind one thing they took away from the GI model when
they switched to the Mil-Spec model. That is the Lanyard Loop.
I like the lanyard loop and keep telling myself that someday I am
going to attach a heavy duty lanyard to the pistol like used in
some hatchets or cameras etc.
some pics with Stainless Steel parts mixed in


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Still like mine stock

New to the forum and felt like I should contribute on behalf of those who like theirs unmodified. Have only had mine about a month but have worked through a couple hundred rounds at the range First owner won it and never fired it!
Haven't had time to look for a decent leather holster yet, anyone have suggestions? Looking for a western style holster to take horse packing, not CC.
Thanks Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gas Gun accessory


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Had I known they were going to do that......this Champion

would not have become this
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Welcome to the Springfield Armory Forum !!

Nope...no idea !
Nice to have another forum to cruise about .... new ideas about more guns I don't need and can't afford unless I sell other guns I don't need but don't want to sell! Now why DID they stop that 1911 model? Perhaps because every Peter, Paul and Mary is selling them so cheaply they were being chased from the market? Too bad as they were a great price point and quality leader IMHO to begin a build.:D

Senile Old Don

Auto ordinance is advertising what looks like the U.S. Model at same MSRP, Made in U.S.:D
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