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SA Trophy Match:

SA Champion Lightweight Operator:

I need to get some new pics of that ^^^^ one. I just got it back from SACS after they did a couple of custom touches to it.

The Trophy Match goes to a new owner next week in favor of a new EBR (Evil Black Rifle) purchase.

The XDS isn't a 1911 so I won't sully the thread with a pic of that heretic... :D

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Finally got myself a TRP. I've been wanting one for a while. Pretty tough to find a stainless TRP at an LGS but I got lucky. Now I want to add a TRP Operator to the collection. It's only money right?

And then I put on a set of Crimson Trace rosewood Master Series grips.


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After seven weeks and 1000 rounds, my custom Custom Carry is like sweet cream butter. I ordered it at the end of Oct. 2014 and received it Nov. 9, 2016. Made an upgrade after each New Year when I noticed the part number didn't fall off my state's roster.

First round of upgrades:
Harrison ignition set - 3.5 lb trigger pull
Blackout Novak rear combat sight

Second round of upgrades:
Front strap checker
S&A magwell
Slide stop nub
Black-T finish
An extra tuned extractor
Nowlin extended mag release
Ambi safety

1 - 20 of 47 Posts
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