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Soros Memos Paint Picture of a Power-Hungry ‘God’
By Tad Cronn August 31, 2016

George Soros should scare the hell out of anybody with a lick of sense.
Born a Hungarian Jew, his first job was working for the [ame="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CW8ENFOCeBs"]Nazis in World War II[/ame], helping to confiscate the property of Jews who were being rounded up, a job he not only never expressed any regret for, but that he described as one of the [ame="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZ2U6Rl98PM"]finest times of his life[/ame].
He has described himself, and the power he has as a billionaire, as being like a mad god.
“Next to my fantasies about being God, I also have very strong fantasies of being mad,” Soros said in an interview on British television.
And he certainly has considerable power to back up his fantasies, including the power to make the video clip of his famous 60 Minutes interview, or leaked documents from his Open Society Foundations, virtually disappear from the Internet.
Among the documents that were downloaded by various news outlets before they vanished, there are numerous eye-openers that clarify exactly how deep Soros’ various schemes go, and paint a picture of a man who can manipulate markets, order around governments and arrange coups wherever he likes.
Soros comes about as close to a comic book supervillain as you can get in real life. Honestly, he could give Lex Luthor or Doctor Doom a run for their money.
Among the revelations found so far in the Soros documents:

  • His money helped oust conservative talk show hosts Glenn Beck from Fox and Pat Buchanan from MSNBC.
  • His Open Society Foundations have influenced global immigration policies and see the European crisis as an opportunity to expand Soros’ power.
  • His OSF is deeply involved in working to create a national police force in the United States by taking advantage of chaos caused by Black Lives Matter, an organization he helped form by funding groups that instigated the violent crime spree in Ferguson that led directly to the creation of BLM, which he now funds directly.
  • He was in control of Ukraine in 2014 after the coup in that country, a coup that was brought about by the Obama Administration as one of its long list of countries where President Obama wanted “regime change.” You can probably guess where Obama got the idea.
  • Among the many schemes of the megalomaniacal billionaire was a plan to overthrow Russian President Vladimir Putin and destabilize Russia, which puts a new light on U.S.-Russian conflict in Ukraine and Syria. Unfortunately for Soros, Russia caught on and has put his OSF and other shell organizations on a list of “undesirable groups,” which means if Soros even tries to set up shop in Russia, his offices will be shut and assets seized.
  • His OSF successfully lobbied President Obama to increase to 100,000 the number of refugees taken in by the U.S. per year from around the world.
  • The billionaire gave Secretary of State Hillary Clinton instructions on how to handle Albania in 2011.
We also know that Soros is giving more than $25 million to the Clinton campaign and other Democrats.
Apparently, Donald Trump is also friends with Soros, or at least has been in the past. However, this election season, Soros seems to be throwing his weight behind Clinton, even paying protesters to disrupt Trump events.
Whatever Soros is after, his shady past suggests that Americans will be better off doing the opposite.
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