**SOLD* Hoppe's oil & Grizzly Gun Care items

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    Hey guys, I have some cleaning and lube items for sale. Theres nothing wrong with them, I just decided I wanted a spray cleaner and went with Mpro7. I want to use their oil too, so gonna sell this stuff!

    GRIZZLY GUN CARE "Package Deal" - $20 shipped.

    Grizzly Grease 4oz -
    **Cost $15.99 new
    **There's not nearly as much gone as the pictures look like! I only used it to lube a 1911 slide 4 or 5 times. Literally used hardly any.

    Grizzly Lube 4oz -
    **Cost $15.99 new
    **As you can see in the picture, I used about a 1/4 of it at most - probably less!

    Grizzly Skin - 4pk
    **Cost $7.99 new
    **Package is unopened!

    Total new is $39.97

    Hoppe's #9 Oil - 2.25 oz - $5 shipped
    **Cost $6.99 new
    **This is unused, completely full.
    20180828_194728.jpeg 20180828_194746.jpeg 20180828_194820.jpeg 20180828_194623.jpeg
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