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Hi Folks,

Thought some of you would like guidance on which files will get you started down the road to Bubbahood with your 1911. Here's my recommendation for the two most useful:

4" #2 swiss double cut extra narrow pillar file

8" #2 swiss double cut pillar file

Those two will do 90% of the work on a 1911.

Keep in mind that you can use files 2 ways: apply the file to the work, or the work to the file. Keep the file well chalked, and clean and re-chalk often. A toothbrush works better than a file card on fine toothed files like these. These files are Swiss made, and will produce a finish approaching 400 grit sandpaper.

Handy folks may want to add a third file (this one requires a little more skill to wield):

6" #2 swiss double cut half round file

When using a file, apply steady, light pressure. Files cut on the push stroke. Concentrate on keeping the file straight and level. Work slowly. Coat your work with Sharpie to monitor your progress. Files cut very fast compared to sandpaper!

Thread subject adapted from Harry Partch's Ulysses: "So you say your name is Ulysses, and you're traveling around the world... Tell me, sir, have you ever been arrested, BEFORE?"
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