So, I called out my Senator for some BS of his - and I got threatened...

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    In West Virginia we've been trying to get a Constitutional Carry bill passed. It passed the House by a wide margin and it passed the Senate by 30-4 - a true landslide.

    Then Bloomberg got involved - started tossing money to Sen. Joe Manchin who took to the airways and started telling all sorts of lies about the bill and eventually convinced the Gov. to Veto the bill.

    So I called him out on that in this video:


    And then I got hate mail and even a few threats. It was insane.

    So, I decided to fight back using nothing but logic, reason and a calm voice. And I posted this video:


    Apparently the second video worked - not one singular piece of hate mail in the last 24 hours....well, maybe it's because they are all at church... :cool:
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    It's cuz they could see the sword in the second video.

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    Yep... Swords will shut em up every time!