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    There are these cool little training aids called "snap caps" that can save you a boatload of bother and make you a better operator while simultaneously satisfying your need to play with your gun while you watch TV.

    If you look over the shoulder of any gunsmith working on a pistol, you'll see a box of snap caps nearby on his bench. With snap caps, you can maintain a high standard of safety and responsibility and still be able to check feed, trigger, and safety.

    Nearly every accident with a handgun occurs while somebody is testing function after cleaning, or playing with the gun while watching TV - Two times (among a host of others), when live ammo should be nowhere around.

    Also, as near as I can see, it's 100% impossible to train to clear jams without a supply of snap caps.

    Buy some now!

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    Snap caps and dry fire. The least expensive practice you can ... well ... practice...