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Slide value?

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I recently purchased a Ronin EMP/4", and I already have a scratch (down to metal), on the top of the slide. I've touched it up with some cold blue (worked pretty well), but I am not satisfied with such a fragile finish. So, I'm going to send the slide to Evolution Armory and have them do it in DLC.
I have no idea what a new slide would cost, and short of contacting SA, does anyone have a suggestion of how much I should insure it for?
I will (finally!) get to my range this afternoon and function test it before sending the slide off.
I take very good care of my firearms, and this scratch surprised me. I believe that I did it with my wedding band, while racking the slide. The hot salt bath bluing is pretty, but it is not remotely durable.
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A friend of mine sent his Sig slide away and had it cerakoted. It now is hard to rack and won't go into battery. It seems the coating made the slide thicker and thus is won't ride on the rails properly. It might wear in eventually but who knows how many rounds that may take.
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