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Slam Fires

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Has anyone had a slam fire using Federal GMM cartridges with their M1A??? I had this happen the other weekend for the first time. I've always used GMM or M1A specific ammo and have never had a slam fire before. Just a rare happenstance maybe?

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If the reason for the slamfire isn't obvious, you need to have a gunsmith look at the rifle. Accidental full-auto will soil your underwear.
I have a standard M1A shooting my own loads. I shoot Hdy 150 grain FMJ BT with IMR 4064 all within Max COL. I’m having slam fires. I also tried some military 147 grain issue Ammo, slam fire also. I tried the CCI no. 34 primers, slam fire again. Primers are all in deeper than flush. Had a suggestion to check headspace. Anyone have other thoughts before I go to gunsmith?
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