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Wife was gone, nothing on the "DO" list, clouds opened up . . . . .
Time to go to the indoor range ! for the Second Round of Break in !
Previously put 200 rounds thru it and no hiccups.
This trip: 200 rds
50 rds of Winchester 165 gr FMJ
50 rds of American Bullet 180 gr FMJ (don't know where i got these!)
50 rds of PMC Bronze 165 JHP
50 rds of Remington HTP 155 gr JHP

Loaded up the mags and put a little extra lube to the slide rails. Hung
a silhouette and started banged away, not paying attention to accuracy
just round count and keep it going at the target down range.
Run a brush & swab thru the barrel every 50 rds, relube slide at 100.
Running smooth slow and fast fire.
Then WHAT THE HELL ! ! a FTF !
Remove the mag, take a look, the slide made it half forward, and the
round is half in chamber but still on an angle. Pulled the slide back
to lock. The round is still half in half out, pushed up by finger tip and
it falls out. case has a scar, mid case, length wise, and a good burr
on the base lip? Looks okay otherwise, even length, put it back in
the mag, lock and load........Bang it goes down range okay.
This happened X5 ALL from the "American Bullet" 180 FMJ. This ammo
was noticeably weak compared to others shot. So I believe it just
didn't have the OOMP to give the slide a proper 40 cal cycle kick.
All worked good other than that. Ran a brush and swab thru it before
the final three round test. This to see if the parts are enjoying each
other by now(400 rds), and the group should tighten up.
Again kneeling on one knee, supported by a pipe across the lane.
Tilt the head back to get the bifocals.........bang, bang, bang.
Okay.......it did tighten up ! and still consistent with the earlier targets
showing ever so slightly high and a pinch right. Again my POA
is front post centered and its top on a plane 3 to 9 oclock.
And as before target @ 10 yds. Have to move outside for longer distance
test as the lights here indoor . . . suck. And RAMBO in the next lane is
rapid firing an AK47. Time to head home anyway.
So far I have to give this SA EMP 4" 40cal a big thumbs up !
The shape of the grip, in circumference, and length make it very
easy to get comfortable. I would like to see some Hogue or
Pachmayr finger grove grips, rubberish type, but thats me.
target attached. ENJOYING !............
And it was $200 less than a 4" 9mm !


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Up date to the second round is this . . . . . .Third round
Moved the sight ever so slightly left, based on above target.
Went to the indoor range and put another 150 rounds thru the 4" EMP 40 cal
50 Federal 180 FMJ
50 Browning 180 FMJ
50 Remington 155 JHP ( wow! compared to range ammo )
no fail to do anything except put em down range !
Didn't check accuracy due to the medz for head cold, all rounds "hit" paper at 10 yds,
but just call me Shaky Jake today !
So it now has 550 rds thru it and I declare thee "broke inn"!
The only comments i have on it.
1. Nicely finished barrel, BUT you put the caliber markings at 12oclock (above chamber)
it rubs during lock / unlock transition and will probably become illegible at the 3K to 4K.
3oclock is a nice place to consider placement.
2. Nice bull barrel but its not crown cut, deburred thats it . . . . .still very accurate though!
3. Front sight is BRIGHT orange! Need to enhance the rear.

I have also notice that NDZ performance has come out with a tube and collar tool for optional
take down methods.
they also make one for Kimber compacts., and i have one . . . . Kimber and take down tool,
both work great.
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