Schmidt & Bender Open Box/Demo Sale

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    We are excited to announce the delivery of a nice quantity of S&B demos that are in as new condition. A couple of units were mounted and some look like they've never even been opened.

    On Monday February 1st we are launching a new web site. Same web address,
    We are not adding any of these demos to our existing site because of the launch of the new site. If anything is of interest please give a call, 516-217-1000, to ask any questions or to place an order.
    We are excited about the new site, however, we are sure they'll be some glitches the first few days so please bear with us. Thanks

    In no particular order here is what came in:

    3-12x50 Zenith LM FD4 #774-811-407 @ $2149.99

    3-12x50 Zenith LM LD9 #774-811-907 @ $2199.99

    1-8x24 7 FD EXOS #780-811-708 - Has been mounted and shows ring marks @ $2699.99

    3-12x50 Klassik 4 #D944-811-402 @ $2199.99

    1.5-8x42 LM FD7 Stratos #550-811-707 @ $2149.99

    2.5-10x40 Summit LM 1" A7 #952-B11-704 @ $1699.99

    3-12x50 PMII P3 1cm CW ST/ST Non-Illuminated #844-911-862-73-94F. It was mounted and shows very slight shine marks from the rings @ $2299.99

    5-25x56 PMII L/P MTC LT P4Fine MOA Reticle FFP 1/4 MOA CCW #677-911-982-B3-A9 @ $3899.99

    5-25x56 PMII LP H2CMR 1cm ccw DT MTC LT/ST ZS LT #677-911-922-B2-A8 @ $3899.99

    5-25x56 PMII LP P4LF 1cm cw DT/ST #677-911-972-94-67 @ $3599.99

    3-20x50 PMII Ultra Short LP H59 1cm ccw DT MTC LT/ST ZS CT #667-911-592-F1-E8 @ $3999.99

    Thank you for your continued support.
    If there is anything else that I can assist you with please let me know.
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