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Sandstorm Custom Rifle Slings

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Just watched one of my "gun shows" on the Outdoor Channel called The Gun Nuts and saw a segment on rifle slings...looked up the website and decided to share the link:


( Disclaimer: I am in NO WAY affiliated with this company...period !! )
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Ive followed the other post re: this and wanna see others responses.
I had asked for a catalog from them:

"Unfortunately right now we do not have any sort of hard copy catalogs or pamphlets available. We are still figuring out exactly what products we will be carrying, and until then we don't want to put out anything that may change rapidly as we find new vendors or drop current ones. I'd be more then happy to help answer any questions you may have though, I know the new website is a little harder to figure out exactly all the options we have, and we don't list out everything that we can do. "
This is only a part of the whole, I returned with a request for a list of vendors in Alaska.( waiting for the response)
Most of these online sites sell their wares online only...and don't have stocking distributors Art.

Also, the site has a gallery of work already done...and he encourages you to pick one of the many already designed or describe what you want and he creates it from scratch.

I like this idea and that is what I'm doing...choosing the design and the color(s) I want...
Zac ( one of the two involved in it) has been conversing via email and I'm working on exactly that. Being I have a few I'd like to sling up with those para cord slings, I need to figure which one first and then the weave, and color combo.
I like what I see!:D
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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