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Saint Victor extractor issue?

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Finally got it out to the range and really am impressed with the accuracy, was sighting in the vortex strike eagle I put on it and the grouping is super tight with it on the sled, in my arms it’s a different story…..

Anyway ran maybe 180 rounds through it and noticed this when I want to clean it. Is this something to be concerned about?

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If you're referring to the scuff marks, they are normal. That's what the protrusion is for, to help direct the brass away from your face.
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As WVSurveyor said, it's the case deflector, and what you're seeing is perfectly normal since it's there for the fired case to hit and get deflected away from your face.

FWIW, here's a picture of what the original ones were like from my SP1, where the original design pretty much provided nothing, especially for the left handed guys, that were issued the M16 when it first was introduced into service.

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Saw this video on YouTube and remembered this post. Take a look at what's actually happening when you shoot the thing.

Thanks everyone! I guess I never really noticed it on my other AR-15s (probably because they were pre-owned).
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