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Restoration of a King's Springfield Full-Size Carry/Comp

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The goal here was to make the gun look as much like it did when it was originally worked on by Arnold "Al" Capone at King's Custom Shop in the 1980's. The gun had been carried and then neglected. I did what I could. I think I'm finished working on it.


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Looks great to me..

If your not happy with it.... I suppose I could take it off your hands , as a favor..

If you've ever heard the story about Ross Seyfried complaining about the beavertail chewing up his hand, that's the beavertail he was talking about.

The way the story goes, Ross was complaining about tail chew during an extended practice round with Bill Wilson, Chip McCormick, etc. when some stranger chimed in brightly "You just get a little more practice and you'll build up some callouses!" - Everyone was silent until the stranger left, then Ross said: "50,000 rounds a year isn't good enough?!".
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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