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I checked through all the threads and thought for sure I would find some kind of post about a couple of newer red dots.
Since I didn't I decided to start one.
I've owned my XD-S Mod 2 9mm OSP with the Crimson Trace CTS-1500 for a couple of years now and believe it or not it still holds zero and still shoots great groups at 25 yards.
With that said it is time to upgrade my red dot. The CTS-1500 is all plastic and not water resistant at all that I'm aware of.
There are 2 models I've come down to choosing from and wanted to know if anyone has tried either of them on the XD-S Mod 2 OSP.
The Hex Wasp. Mainly because it's a direct fit so drop right in zero it and done.
Crimson Trace has stepped up their game now too though and at half the price. And, this model also drops right in and I've been told it comes with an extra set of screws for the XD-S Mod 2. So both should be the same as far as installation.
They are called The Rad series. The Rad Micro to be more precise.
It's functions are basically identical to the CTS-1500 but it has a larger window and is all metal with glass optics and, is rated IPX4 water resistant with a 3 MOA dot. The only downside for me I can find is the battery it uses. I have a good stock of CR2032 which fits all the red dots I currently use. This new Rad Micro uses a CR1632. Definitely not a game changer. Just means I would have to order some batteries.
They also make it a Pro version. The Rad Micro Pro. So far the only difference I can find in the two is the Pro has a shake to awake function.
I've been using the CTS-1500 for 2 years now on the same battery so not really concerned about paying 60 to $80.00 more for shake to awake.
The all plastic CTS-1500 has really surprised me so I'm leaning more to the new Crimson Trace Rad Micro. If the all plastic model has held up this well an all metal with glass optics should hold up even better.
I've read good and bad reviews about the Hex Wasp. So many good and bad it's pretty much a draw as far as reviews.
The Crimson Trace reviews are between 4 stars up to 4.5 depending what website you're looking at. I can't find a lot of video review footage of it.

Anyone at all tried the Crimson Trace Rad Micro Red dot. Especially on an XDS Mod 2 OSP.
I'm sure several have tried the Wasp but, please tell me of you experience with it.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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It sounds like you want to buy the Rad, just looking for little push to get you to pull the trigger. Crimson Trace, to my knowledge, makes good reliable products. For half the price, the extra cost of some batteries is no issue. Hopefully someone on here can give you their first hand experience. Let us know what you decide.
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