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Okay, a friend of mine who is an expert competition shooter bought a brand new SA MilSpec and a brand new Glock 21. We just took them to the range to do a test during our lunch hour - Take 'em out of the box and shoot 'em for accuracy.

So we did. Glock lovers stop reading now. We obviously didn't start out intending to bash the Glock. My friend bought it because he was convinced it was a better SD gun.

First off, the SA MilSpec was crazy tight. It felt a little too tight to want to shoot it, but my buddy said go for it, so we did. It failed to chamber the first round, loosened up noticeably after a couple more rounds (I suspect there was a bit of SA factory issue dirt caught in the rails), and was 100% reliable for the remainder of a box of 100 cheap Federal ball ammo. We had no problem hitting 8-inch plates at 100 yards, and getting good groups at 25 yards. The gun shot 1 inch low at 25 yards. Trigger was crisp at about 4 pounds.

The Glock 21. Sigh. Shot high and right several inches at 25 yards. <sarcasm>Not particularly impressive groups</sarcasm>, difficult to recover sight picture due to muzzle flip (sort of like a trout). Terrible trigger - Long, light, pointless takeup followed by a mushy build to around 7 pounds, it fired just when I thought the trigger might be about to break off.

Overall score based on general feel and accuracy: SA MilSpec: 10, Glock 21: 3.

One thing you could say against the MilSpec was that it took one round to break it in. The Glock didn't need any break in at all - Nothing could make it better.

One thing you could say in favor of the Glock is that you'll save a lot of money on ammo by not using it for practice.

Maybe it wasn't fair to compare a cheap plastic gun to a first-class 1911? All I can say is, we weren't the first. It must be that we are the first to do it who didn't get free hats and shirts from Glock (clearly, they make the guns shoot better). My tremendous respect for Hickok45 just went down a wee peggety.

Heck, since I've dug myself a 5-1/2 foot hole already, I may as well go the last 6 inches... Have you seen those ridiculous videos where the guy puts his Glock in a bag full of mud, paint, grease, and roofing cement, then spends a week cleaning it and then shoots it to show how great it is? Well, I propose a comparison test: Do the same to a Glock AND an SA Mil-Spec, then dump each one into hot activated methylene chloride for 15 minutes, steam clean them, and then try to shoot them. Yes, it's silly - But no sillier than the Glock demo that took a whole week.
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