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Range Officer 1911 question

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Hey folks. I have about 700 rounds through mine. I have 2 mags that came with it, and 2 Wilson and 2 Chip McCormick mags. No issues at all with the Springfield mags, but with the other types I get failure of slide to lock back after the last round. Any ideas? Does this thing just only like Springfield mags, or do I maybe need a few hundred more rounds to break it in? LGS recommended 500 for break in, and I'm a bit past that...

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That's good you are having no issues with the factory mags. You will have to experiment with the other brands to see which one works good in your gun.
I use Tripp in my Springfield 10mm. Buy one mag & try it!
I have both Springfield and Colt mags and have not had any issues.
So I guess more rounds down range and buy more mags to try. Sounds good to me! Can't wait to get back to the range and keep testing it. My Glock 26 is my edc, but this RO is my new favorite gun.

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200 rounds today with all 3 types of mags. Not one failure. And this gun makes me a pretty decent shot at 25 yds. Breakin complete, will be running the Wilson's for HD and occasional carry.

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I use Chip McCormick Power 10 and Power 10+ (10 round) mags in my .45 ACP Loaded and use Springfield and Wilson Combat mags (9 round mags) in my 9mm Range Officer and had no problems.
Matter of economics

Isn't it just cheaper and with fewer worries and headaches to just spend the few extra dollars for OEM mags? Buy off brand, plus freight, test fire (how many til you feel safe) return mag if not happy, then finally buy OEM. Besides the frustration and worry. Even if they work for YOUR 200-500 rds, I like knowing OEM's have probably had many more THOUSANDS of rounds testing. Is saving $8.00 worth all that and maybe your life?

I like the satisfaction that my OEM mag was made for MY gun and that MY mags have shot thousands of all MY rounds without incident. Just sayin...

Luv my XD9 sub
Your range Officer or any other 1911 should lock back on the last round with other brand mags especially CM. Are you using a shok-buff?
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