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Proud owner of 1954 SA M1 Garand

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Just purchased SA 1954 GARAND for 350.00 minus a barrel and wood stock. Anyone point me in the right direction for those two items. Trying to do this on a budget. Thanks again
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I'm not sure I can help you but I'm sure someone will come along who can help you.

Have you tried contacting SA? I don't know if Midway USA offers parts for guns but it's worth a look. Maybe Cabella or Bass Pro Shop can place a special order for you.
Look up the CMP Program. They are the leader in this area. They are located in Anniston, AL. They also sell original and refurbished.
Fulton Armory, or Orion 7 can handle your request and are quite good.
If you are near Ohio CMP in Sandusky Oh sells barrels, not sure if you have to belong to a shooting club or not for parts. Also check out their web site.
Good advise given above, the CMP has brand new barrels and can install. I believe they have a pretty good back up now but maybe you can get in line.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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