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Price for .308 or 7.62x51 Ammo

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Gunbroker has some auctions where 7.62 is going for $1.00 each and .308 is $1.40. Are these good prices or are stores better?
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I can get 7.62x51 at wal-mart for +/- 13$ a box of 20
Wow. I guess Gunbroker's prices aren't that great after all. I'll have to stop by some local placed first. Thank you so much for the helpful info.
Take up reloading and you'll never have to post a thread like this again.
I saw Federal M80C at Academy here in Austin for well under $20/box, probably $17 or $18 per box.
I had the same problem. Since I've been reloading 45, 357 and 223, I bought a set of dies from Lee and started on 308. I found a deal on a bullet/brass combo from Everglades ammo. 500 of each for $209 with free shipping. Adding the costs of primers and powder, that brings the cost to about $.50 per round.
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