Preventive Maintenance on an XDM?

Discussion in 'Springfield Armory XD' started by SWThomas, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. SWThomas

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    I've had my XDM40 for several years now and have 6K rounds through it. It still shoots great, but I wanna prevent malfunctions before they happen. If there anything you would replace as preventive maintenance at this round count?
  2. RBynum

    RBynum New Member

    As long as you keep it clean and lubricated you should be just fine for many more rounds.

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  3. nbk13nw

    nbk13nw New Member

    The only possible thing that I can think of are replacing the Striker Retaining roll pins with stronger ones from Springer Precision... PistolGear or Powder River Precison.
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  4. Balota

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    I'll second the motion on that striker retaining roll pin, NBK. I have over 10000 rounds in my XDm Compact 9mm plus thousands of dry fires (with and without snap caps). I have had to replace the retaining pin twice. I got the replacements for free from Springfield. Excellent support. But having the gun break is frustrating. They indicated 5000 rounds or so is a common life for their pins.

    The XD (not XDm) retaining roll pins are not the same design. Not sure if they're solid or what, but they are much more durable. No one can explain why they changed this, nor why they are not changing back.

    I don't know whether the aftermarket roll pin would affect warranty, but I doubt it. SA has been awesome every time I've had to work with them.
  5. dondavis3

    dondavis3 dondavis3

    On most of my guns I never replace anything as "preventative" .

    But if & when I do - after 5 K rounds I consider changing my recoil spring.