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Point Shooting

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Recently I've been learning to shoot one-handed so that I can shoot in the local monthly Bullseye competition. I don't expect to ever get very good at it, but I'm finding that it helps my shooting in general, possibly by slowing me down, so it's worth doing.

Another thing I've been interested in, but haven't even tried once is "Point Shooting". Basically, this is shooting a gun the same way you would throw darts or rocks, without using the sights. Some of us are dead shots with a rock, and should be able to translate that into some kind of shooting skill.

There are all sorts of theories about this kind of shooting. Most of them are 100% B.S. In essence, if you can throw darts or rocks well, you have the neural circuitry necessary to make this work, it's just a matter of getting the gun wired into the circuit.

I was inspired to try this by a friend who is teaching himself aerial shooting (with wax bullets), and discovered that he could toss a gallon milk bottle in the air and hit it easily right from the start. I think aerial shooting is crazy dangerous, and don't want to convince myself otherwise, but it seems to imply that Point Shooting might be relatively easy to learn.

How about some of us try to learn Point Shooting together "by wire"? I'll try it on my next range trip and report back. Anybody else interested in trying?
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Okay, so I tried it today. I just bought a Freedom Arms Packer, a 44 magnum revolver with a 3" barrel. Since the sights are regulated for a full case of H110 under a 280 grain bullet, they are useless. So I cooked up some 250gr Keith bullets over 24gr of 2400, and shot a bunch without sighting.

And there I stood at the line with a veritable cannon in my right hand. Verily, Hellboy and his pistol!

First shot went 6 feet high and 4 feet right. Pretty terrible.

Next shot I pointed down about 6 feet and 4 feet left... And nailed a 12" plate at 50 yards. Not too shabby. And alas, not to be repeated.

The next 18 shots were kinda scattered all over within about three feet of the plate. This is tough. Will take a lot of practice with less ambitious loads! The looks on the faces of the other folks on the line as they packed up and went home to get away from the epic muzzle blast made the whole effort worthwhile!

So, back to the technical discussion... What makes this so damn hard is that you need to simultaneously "throw rocks" and account for muzzle flip. A considerable exercise of eye-hand wiring. I think if I had spent more time doing under-dash work in high school auto shop it would have helped.
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Decided to buy this dedicated point shooting gun (AMT 45 Back-up):


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That's a cool looking piece!
And is a MUCH better gun than most folks think. Built like a tank, accurate, and with a little judicious filing and buffing, eminently reliable.
Lots of armchair experts who have never even seen one will tell you otherwise.

I put 100 rounds of 200gr RN over 5.5gr BE through the AMT yesterday. A totally 100% great gun! Well, almost... It was 100% reliable, and was incredibly accurate, but the trigger pull is INSANE. Picture a pickup truck with a ton (100 20lb bags) of dog food in the bed. Now picture yourself unloading the truck using nothing but your trigger finger... I feel like my finger went to boot camp.

That said, I had no trouble hitting gongs at 50 yards, and even hit the man-sized gong "Dirty Harry" at 125 yards. Overall, the gun feels like a 1911 with most of the parts left out and most of the barrel, slide, and frame cut away. And it's heavy enough so that once you blow your 5+1 you can use the gun as a bludgeon with good effect, and certainly without fear of damaging it. Heck, you could probably drop it out of a plane without damaging it. And certainly no fear of an accidental discharge.

Forgot to mention, recoil with a 200gr bullet at 800 fps was not much - If you can pull the trigger, you won't notice the recoil. Same momentum as a 9mm +P+ going 1400fps.
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