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Para Ordnance

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This is my Para Ordnance P12-45...a 12+1 double stacked magazined semi-automatic M1911 style pistol made in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.

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Anyone else own a Para Ordnance firearm...?

I carried this bad boy for years...and still shoot it on occasion.
Got a Para Black Ops Limited that is my newest Single Stack race gun.

Cool Vid...I take it that is you.

I laughed at all the "brass hounds"...
I'm the old wrinkly guy with the Para 1911. :D I'll shoot it today at USPSA. I have a money bet with several of the young testosterone ridden guys. One of them started whining after they made the bet so I told them they could get it back if I won if they can hit the once folded bills at 30yards. Guess I'll make some money to supplement my meager fixed income. ;)
Here's the Para Black Ops again at the shoot today. We're all going to singlestack to practice for the Western States Championship. I'm the only Para in the group. I came in 2nd in Singlestack Division and 1st in my class. Not bad for a senior shooter. :D

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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