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check out freedom munitions. they are a manufacturer that sells direct. click on the in stock link to see what they have. they update often so check back. when your ammo is available jump on it. sells out fast

the prices are the.best.I have found anywhere.

you can PM me for my mail address for where to send the thank you gifts.
I've done okay sometimes picking up bulk range ammo at Cheaper Than Dirt...

Freedom Munitions

Links wooze...LINKS !!


No gifts for you...:rolleyes:
I have heard really good things about their Ammo, plus they have a Store in NW Houston (Maybe 30 miles from me at most) need to try them out.
Will never buy from CTD again after the screw job they did during the gun and ammo crisis.


Try Lax Ammo I have been buying from them and their reloads are great
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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