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In the Hickok45 YouTube XDs 9mm vs. S&W Shield comparison, I noticed that he (a VERY good shooter) easily hit the ~80 yard gong with the XDs, but struggled with the Shield.

With calipers, I measured my XD sub-compact chamber; it was .007" over the .380" case-diameter spec i.e. .387".

My Walther PPS M2 chamber was .013" over case spec.
My Glock 42 was .010" over the .373" 380 ACP case-diameter spec.

Thinking that maybe the XDs precision might be at least partially due to a more snug, match-like chamber, I wondered if the XDs chamber might be similarly snug?

I'm considering getting an XDs and wonder if anyone with a 9 mm XDs might be kind enough to measure the chamber inner-diameter. Is it something like .387" ? I sure would like to know ...

thanks in advance,

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Those are measurements on your guns.
These are production guns, and the numbers are going to be varied on all.
Do you know the factory spec size? and the +- measurement.
Apples to apples and peaches to peaches, then look at the bullseye.

I believe Hickcok45 is a very good shot. And i also believe some
of the guns he receives have been checked & made accurate before
he gets it, others not. You can see him compensating first couple shots.
Thus the XD Vs Shield... My shield 9 missed the barn totally when new.
Now it shoots as good as my XD 3" 9 (broken in and moved the sight)

If all the parts mingle well, its a shooter, if not, after corrective
attempts, its a safe queen waiting for the sell, sell, sell order !
I got rid of one of those last year. Kimber SOLO 9mm, mine was junk.
Others say theirs were great ? :) go figure ?
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