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Nice Little Drill

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Here's a short drill you can setup that will help with transitions and movement. The second time I did it I did it right. Gun up with both hands on it as you move. This is with my CZ 75 carry gun with retention holster.

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Nice shooting. I love setting up drills like that when I get the opportunity at an outdoor range (which is actually pretty rarely). It's a lot of fun and good practice.
It's hard to find places to shoot where you can do this anymore. One of the reasons I love living here.
Here's a link to another interesting set of drills:


Edit: Yes, I know, I bumped a post that was almost a year old. But it seemed like a good place to put a link to another good drill.

Thank you for sharing the drill.

Semper Fi!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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