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Purchased the new XD Mod2 4" service model. Sent off for the free mags and bag etc. The free items arrived within a week. Free stuff just sweetens the deal. Took the XD and EMP to the indoor range. Not the best of light, so the fiber optics on the XD were not helpful. I shot at 10yds at two 6" targets. I alternated from EMP to XD shooting 9 rounds then 16 rounds per guns mag capacities. The sights on the XD seem to have a larger gap (space) on the sides of the front sight when centered with the rear while on target. The Xd's barrel is one inch longer so I think that is why it looks this way. This for me made getting back on target easier than the EMP. At 10yds accuracy really was not an issue. I found the XD had wider groups when shooting faster. I contribute this to the different styled triggers. I know this is apples and oranges on the triggers but with practice the XD at 10 yrds would be fine. The XD's trigger is OK. I found it very easy to hit the target switching back and forth between guns. Take up on the XD's trigger is not excessive either. The Xd fits my hands great. The undercut at the front-strap is nice. The "grip-zone" seems to work. Going through 16 rounds at a time and not thinking at all about my grip. The mags are (stainless) double stack making the gun wider but just right for me. The mags worked well (all 4). They dropped fine from the gun but the mag release button has a little drag to it. As of this writing I have 300 rounds through the XD. I have the black one and it is showing markings on the barrel from use. Not an issue for me. The field strip is very simple. Fit and finish is a 9+ for this polymer. I shot a total of 150 rounds. 54 through the EMP and 96 through the XD. I missed the 6" target only twice during rapid fire with the XD, but only slightly. The EMP is my CCW. I have shot it many times and am very comfortable with it. I found my new XD Mod2 4" service model very easy to adjust to. With flashlight attached on the picatinny rail it will be a great gun for the home.
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