New to Springfield and have a dilemma

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  1. paulm667

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    Hi All;

    I am new to this site and looked it up for a specific reason. Not going to beat around the bush on that one.

    I am looking for a new firearm. I have narrowed my choices down to the CZ P-07 9mm or the new Springfield MOD 2 4" service model 9mm.

    I have held, fired and researched both. Right down to warranty and customer service. I can get either for w/in abt $20.00 of each other. I know the Springfield is a slight bit larger and a little heavier. So, now, I am at a fork in the road.

    I know I am comparing apples to oranges when it comes to DA/SA and SA. Just looking for some input from folks who have had experience with both firearms.

    Maybe I missed something.

    Thank you all in advance.
  2. binoly

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    I'm on the way to the range with my brand new mod 2 right now. I wound up getting mine for 500 out the door. Also Springfield is giving a gear up deal where you get two free mags, a mag pouch and range bag for free. I honestly didn't know about it until after I bought mine but may have made more incentive to pick it up. I think it ends on 10/31.

  3. XDS451959

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    Actually, that promotion does not end until 12/31/2015. Get the Springfield. If you don't want or need the double stack, check out the XDS in 45 or the 9mm. I have the XDS 45 and love it. Works great for CCW.
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  4. pokute

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    9mm is quite good if you are an animal control officer and don't work tough neighborhoods.

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  5. binoly

    binoly New Member

    I got to shoot my xd mod 2 in 45 acp and it didn't feel like a 45 at all to me. It felt very comparable to the beretta M9 that we use in the navy as far as recoil goes. Kept shooting low and left until I figured out I needed to adjust my hands a little bit for the smaller frame of the gun.
  6. dondavis3

    dondavis3 dondavis3

    I own both guns.

    I really like both guns.

    I do not believe that you can go wrong with either gun.

    I'm more accurate with my mod2 - so it is my every day carry.

    But I wont get rid of my P07 either.


    CPTKILLER Senior Member

    I have two CZ's. They are accurate and reliable as is my Springfield EMP and Kahr MK9.
  8. Paco123

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    I just purchased the mod2 4" it so far. I can't speak to the CZ, but am certain you'd enjoy the XD. They also have the gear up promo going, so there's a couple of clips and a bag in it for you. :)