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Greetings from the southern suburbs of Portland. In December I bought a 9mm Compact Range Officer with CT Master Series Laser sights so I thought I'd join a group dedicated to SA.

Not new to guns at all - traded a 12" b & w TV for my first gun (High Standard Sport King) in 1971. Owned countless handguns since but usually only one at a time because I had a wife & two little boys a couple of years later.

Fast forward to 2009 when, after 37 years of promotions & relatively faithful service my company decided to eliminate my position. I wasn't alone - hundreds of us over age 55 with 25 or more years service got the axe because we were under a pension plan that had to be funded by the company.

I was born in Portland & worked here for the first 10 years, was promoted to Sacramento where I stayed for 11 years & then on to CT. I was there from May '93 - Dec 2012 & decided I'd rather be back here. Now it's no wife, great-grandchildren & I have disposable income so I've been disposing of a lot of it by buying guns & a big safe. Started mid 2013 & so far have bought around 40 firearms, mostly handguns. Got bit hard by the 1911 bug after I couldn't get a decent trigger for my Glock 26 EDC gun no matter how much I spent. Love my CRO & within the past two weeks bought a 9mm Colt Defender & a 9mm Nighthawk Ladyhawk w/o any markings on the slide (macho thing you know). It's a 2009 model & will be the the FFL tomorrow. A new one is $3700 & of course mine was considerably less but I never thought I'd spend that much on one gun!! I've bought a lot of the same model pistols I owned at one time or another but from here on it'll be quality over quantity although I'm looking hard at a RIA 22TCM. Rumor is they're introducing a new compact 1911 version at the SHOT show. I've seen photos of one that's being tested by another forum member & I'll probably buy one.
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