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New SA-35

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Been checking out some videos on Youtube regarding the new SA-35. Looks pretty sweet!
At this juncture the only thing I wish they might have done is made the front sight fiber optic.
Might have to add one to the collection sometime down the road.
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But when you see Hickok45 popping away, remember most of his fast
and "deadly" shots are within the 15 yard marker. And when he goes
beyond that, he slows down and employs the so-called Kentucky windage.
I didn't realize that. I thought most were 25 yards, or more. I guess I ought to check this out

I've only had one chance to shoot the SA-35 at the range. Will continue my range shooting starting in about ten days from now.

I passed the gun around to the shooters resting at the "lunch" table, and most of them felt it now feels pretty good, but if anything, the trigger still has some "creep". The test targets they sent me with the modified gun were good. The gun feels good in my hand. The trigger is acceptable, but 4# trigger is more than I hoped for.

One thing I've noticed in dry-firing is that the gun is very "slippery" in my hands. I suspect most people will enjoy the finish, but to make the gun work better for me, I used skateboard tape on the front strap and rear strap. The wood grips are adequate, but if I keep this gun, I'll buy better grips from VZ Grips. In the meantime, my grip is now much better.

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Maybe my final post here:

To finish up this post, here is how it worked out.

I finally got to shoot my SA-35 at the range, on a B-8, shooting from a rest, with the target 15 yards from me.
I got a 2" group. Much better than what I expected, and infinitely so from the junk guns Springfield had been sending me.
I guess I finally got them to listen to me.
This was with Magtech 115 grain ammo.

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An hour or so later, it was close to 90 degrees, and I just wanted to go home. I set up another target and fired 20 rounds at it, off-hand. (This was two-handed - but since this gun is very light, I can also shoot it one handed.) I expect to do that tomorrow.

As people at the range reminded me, the Hi Power guns are "combat guns", not "target guns".
Light, lots of rounds, looks great, easy to work on, but NOT a bullseye gun.

The gun has a lifetime warranty, and you can keep returning it to Springfield at their expense until them make it right, even if they have to replace the entire gun, like they did for me.

Oh, and I flat out LOVE the VZ grips I bought for it!!!!!!

I need to dry-fire it a lot more, again, and help do my part to get decent results.
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